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Spring Lake Huron Surf

We traveled up to the thumb to find a few waves this weekend. The wind direction was great leading up to our mission, but it shifted North just before we arrived. By the time we headed out into the line up, the waves were on the small side. The wave that did make it in […]

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Ice Kiting on Whitmore Lake

It has not been a great winter for snowkiting. But the lake finally froze so we decided to head out for a little fun. The wind was really light but it was more than enough to ride around for a few hours and practice shooting with the drone. Here is a look at out morning…

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Fall 2015 Rolls of Film

I finally had three rolls of film developed. I shot two rolls on a Yashica camera, that I borrowed from Kate (thanks Kate!). One of the rolls came out great; the other, not so much. This camera took 120 film which is a larger film than the traditional 35mm film size. The camera also shoots […]