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Dominic & Michelle’s Wedding

Dominic and Michelle’s wedding was so beautiful. It was on the banks of a small lake in Cadillac, Michigan. Michelle & Dominic made my job very easy. They are so great together and easy-going. I’m very excited for you both! This post is a bit longer so here are a few songs to listen to […]

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Leica Summer Film Role

It was time to start shooting film again. I took out the Leica M5 this summer and shot a role of tri-x 400. It took a while to find a place to develop the film, but I found one and got the results. The exposure was clearly not correct on most of the images, but […]

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Laura & David’s Wedding

We had the best time celebrating Laura (Lulu) and David’s (Otto) wedding. Mel and I headed down to Cape Hatteras and spent the week with Lulu & Otto’s family in a gorgeous house on the beach. The ocean front wedding was fantastic. From the cute flower girl and ring bearer to the sunset poolside reception, […]

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Visit to Grateful Farms

We had a great time visiting the Grateful Farm on our drive back to Michigan. It had been a while since we were last at the farm. It was great to meet Christian and Wilson. They were always smiling and running around the farm. They are lucky to have such a great place to grow […]

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Glassy Silver Lake Wake Session

It was a chilly calm morning when we arrived at Hunter’s place for a morning wakeboard session. As the sun came up from behind the eastern shore of the lake, the temperatures increased, the water stayed glassy smooth and the light was increadible. Hunter took the first pull behind the boat to start off a […]