Best Cape Hatteras Kiteboarding Downwinders

Posted by: Bryan Elkus

Today, I did two of the best sound side-down winders in cape hatteras. The Outer Banks are one of the best places I know of to do kiteboarding downwinders. Here are a list of what I think are the best downwinders in Cape Hatteras, NC.

1. REAL to New Inlet (Sound Side)
2. Ranger Station to REAL (Ocean Side)
3. Ramp 34 to The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse (Ocean Side)
4. Planet to REAL (Sound Side)
5. Ferry Docks to Robin Lane (Ocean Side)

The first downwinder was Ed, Otto, Matt and I to a secret spot. It was a pretty sketchy run but the reward was well worth it, with knee + high kickers and 2-6in deep buttery flat water for thousands of feet. It was an incredible adventure.

The second was a massive 20 person downwinder from REAL Watersports to the new inlet. Blowing in the high 20s we were powered on 8m kites. It is crucial to be well powered on this run so that you can easily boost 10-20 feet in the air to search for interconnecting canals.

We all had blast cruising down the canals and boosting over islands. I even found some new amazing trails to go down. We made it in just as the sun was going down. We finished the session off with a beer, packed up the gear and headed to Mojos for tacos! What a day! Below is a quick clip from one of the canals (it’s a bit shaky).