Sailing with Team Kokomo

I was invited to sail with Team Kokomo. They raced on Wednesday in the Traverse City Bay. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a boat. So, it was great to be on the water again.

The crew was preparing for the Chicago race coming up in a few weeks. Everyone on the boat was very nice. We arrived around 5:30 to see the crew start to prepare the boat to leave dock. We headed out into the bay as the sails for the event were chosen and raised.

The course was announced over the radio. The boats jockeyed to start the race and then with a sound of the horn the race was off. With the light wind the sailing became technical. They closely watched the water and clouds to find the strongest winds. There were a few reaches we had some solid wind.

The team raced well and finished in 2nd place. We missed 1st by some 30 seconds. I had a great time and thanks for having me onboard.

Grand Rapids Bike & Wake Day

It was a power Sunday. Jon, Edgar and I headed to Grand Rapids to ride mountain bikes and then hit the cable park.

It was a perfect Spring day with the sun out and temps in the 70s. We first went to the Merrell Trail North of Grand Rapids. It was a really fun flow trails. It featured really nice down hill runs with relatively mellow climbs. We rode about 10 miles and loved it all except the ride back to the car.

I then packed up and meet Casey to ride the new Action Wake Park just South of town. It was the first clock-wise cable I have ridden. The place is awesome. solid features and nice people. I was pretty wreaked from the trails earlier but had a bunch of fun laps. Thanks to Casey and Edgar who took a few shots. All in all an amazing day!

Ice Kiting on Whitmore Lake

It has not been a great winter for snowkiting. But the lake finally froze so we decided to head out for a little fun. The wind was really light but it was more than enough to ride around for a few hours and practice shooting with the drone. Here is a look at out morning…

Fall Wake Session In Dexter

We had a great time at Aaron’s place. It was a perfect early fall evening. The water was still warm and the sunset was perfect. The company was terrific. Everyone got a ski or wake session behind the boat before we all went surfing. Always a great way to end the day!

Mid-Summer Lexington Kiteboard Session

It was an early drive to the East coast of Michigan. The wind was blowing all night and we were hoping for a solid wave day. We arrived to find some solid waist high waves, but not really what we were expecting. We rigged up and and sessions at Lexington for a few hours and then met up with some of the crew for a downwinder. There were some great sections of waves during the 10+ mile session. We ended the day with a quick wake and SUP session.