Jeff & Sarah’s Wedding

We had a great time in Colorado for Jeff and Sarah’s wedding.

I challenged myself to shoot only film that day. All the photos were shot on a Hasselblad 503CX with 80mm lens. I shot 4 Rolls 3x Tri-x 400 and 1x Ilford DELTA 3200 pushed 2 stops. The 3200 was a big experiment that didn’t go too well. The shots were too dark and super grainy. But, I was happy with the Tri-X shots and the success rate from each roll.

A huge congrats to Jeff and Sarah!

Fall Kite Mission to Canada

We headed out early to Canada. It was cold and rainy on our drive. As we were driving onto the beach, the clouds broke to let in some gorgeous morning light against the stormy day.

The wind was cranking and I wound up riding my 7m Envy on short line really really powered. The waves never quite got to the usual size we were expecting, but I still had a blast. I took out the foil for a few tacks and took some good beatings.

We then packed up and headed back to the states and drove a little north to surf. As we arrived it looked FLAT. But we found a small wave in a little cove and wound up surfing for over two hours.

Early Fall Kiteboarding in Muskegon

Tom and I headed to Muskegon. It was a great warm fall day. the wind was cranking and there were some fun waves. The old time crew was all there. The session started out powered on wakeboards then to surfboards then to foils and finally wound up paddling into some really fun clean waves on the surfboards. We were toast by the end of the day.