Winter Northern MI Surf

I headed out to check the surf today. It wound up being an unseasonably warm winter day. The wind was on the waves too much by the time I made it out to the lake. I took pictures of a few braves soles before heading out.

Fall Kite Mission to Canada

We headed out early to Canada. It was cold and rainy on our drive. As we were driving onto the beach, the clouds broke to let in some gorgeous morning light against the stormy day.

The wind was cranking and I wound up riding my 7m Envy on short line really really powered. The waves never quite got to the usual size we were expecting, but I still had a blast. I took out the foil for a few tacks and took some good beatings.

We then packed up and headed back to the states and drove a little north to surf. As we arrived it looked FLAT. But we found a small wave in a little cove and wound up surfing for over two hours.

Early Fall Kiteboarding in Muskegon

Tom and I headed to Muskegon. It was a great warm fall day. the wind was cranking and there were some fun waves. The old time crew was all there. The session started out powered on wakeboards then to surfboards then to foils and finally wound up paddling into some really fun clean waves on the surfboards. We were toast by the end of the day.

Late Summer Michigan Surf

We scored this weekend. I was lucky to get the time to hit the lake this weekend. I had one of my best surfing session on the lakes as well as a few other sessions to keep a smile on my face for a while.

The highlight was a surf up in Frankfort, MI. We arrived when the lake was glass there were no waves to speak of. We were pretty bummed, but the wind kicked up. We wound up kited for a few minutes until we looked south and saw what we thought was a small rain storm approaching. At that time the waves slowly started to build and you could tell that they were starting to push in. We landed our kites to prepare for the rain and the rain just didn’t stop coming, but neither did the waves.

We hustled to the grab a board and rode a few waves near shore. We kept having to paddle back out further and further until the waves were breaking at the elbow of the pier and were chest to head high. Even though it was pouring rain the waves were clean, long and amazing. There were only a handful of us out maybe 5-8 surfers/paddleboarders. It was a great session!

I was having way too much fun while riding to go out shooting. I did take out the go pro for one wave at the tail end of the session after the waves started to die down significantly.

Holga – Roll #2

This roll was shot on a holga on Ilford HP5 Black and White Negative 400 iso Film (120 Roll Film). This was my second roll on this camera. I shot the rolls back to back so I didn’t get to learn from the mistakes of my first roll. Overall, the results have a great feel, though the focus was not too great on many of the shots. The double exposure shot came out pretty interesting though I didn’t mean to make one.

Portraits – Konica TC – Tri-X 400

I got to shoot this roll on a Konica Autoreflex TC with Tri-X 400 iso film. All of the shots were on a 50mm 1.7 lens and I focused on shooting portraits. I was pretty happy with the feel of the images and how the camera was to use. It has a great shutter release sound too. The Konica is much easier to focus than the Leica which was very welcomed.

Sailing with Team Kokomo

I was invited to sail with Team Kokomo. They raced on Wednesday in the Traverse City Bay. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a boat. So, it was great to be on the water again.

The crew was preparing for the Chicago race coming up in a few weeks. Everyone on the boat was very nice. We arrived around 5:30 to see the crew start to prepare the boat to leave dock. We headed out into the bay as the sails for the event were chosen and raised.

The course was announced over the radio. The boats jockeyed to start the race and then with a sound of the horn the race was off. With the light wind the sailing became technical. They closely watched the water and clouds to find the strongest winds. There were a few reaches we had some solid wind.

The team raced well and finished in 2nd place. We missed 1st by some 30 seconds. I had a great time and thanks for having me onboard.