Summer Trip to Breckenridge

A group of us headed out West to Breckenridge CO for my cousin’s bachelor party. We rented a great home just outside downtown.

After flying in, we hit the grocery store to stock up the house with food and drinks. The next day we headed an hour and a half to Buena Vista, CO to raft the Arkansas River. We did the Numbers section of the river, which was a total blast. The video below gives a look at the trip.

The next day we did a great hike named McCullough Gulch. We climbed about 1,000ft over the 4 hour hike. There were some spectacular views of the mountains, waterfall and lakes. The views were just surreal.

It was a great trip and always love being in the mountains.

Fall 2015 Rolls of Film

I finally had three rolls of film developed. I shot two rolls on a Yashica camera, that I borrowed from Kate (thanks Kate!). One of the rolls came out great; the other, not so much.

This camera took 120 film which is a larger film than the traditional 35mm film size. The camera also shoots a native 1:1 or square photo. The hardest thing was composing with the camera as adjusting the frame was backward on one axis while normal on another. I have some work to do.

The third roll of film had been shot on the Leica with Tri-X 400 35mm film. These shots are the 2:3 ratio images.

A visit to Santa Cruz

I headed west to visit Ryan and Nate before the Cooper workshop in San Fransisco. We surfed at The Lane Saturday morning. The waves were well overhead. We surfed for an hour and wound up taking 8-10 set waves on the head. We decided to call it quits for a bit. We rested up for the second session. We took out foam boards. The tide came up a bit which made the waves a little smaller. It was an absolute blast. We surfed for hours. As the sun started to set we headed in to cook dinner. Chris meet up with us and Ryan made it back from his trip in time to join.

Sunday we packed up and headed to kite the coast. The waves were even bigger than the previous day in the bay. The wind was a bit challenging as were all the kelp. We still had a good time and everyone made it back to the beach safe. What a weekend!

Visit to Grateful Farms

We had a great time visiting the Grateful Farm on our drive back to Michigan. It had been a while since we were last at the farm. It was great to meet Christian and Wilson. They were always smiling and running around the farm. They are lucky to have such a great place to grow up. We ate well, saw the animals and relaxed around the farm. Here are a few pics from our stay…

A Brief Look at Israeli Street Art

Mel and I came across a lot of interesting street art on our adventures in Israel. Most of these images were taken in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. We had a great time walking the streets and stumbling on these pieces.

Israel Day 7

We ventured around the medieval city of Akko.  The city is right along the Mediterranean.  We explored caves and then strolled into the city.  We made a quick stop at the Ein Hod artist colony, before heading to the former Roman capital of Caesarea.  We learned about Caesarea and explored the ruins of the city.

Israel Day 6

We woke early and drove North to the city of Tzfat. It is a medieval mystical city. We toured the city, shopped. Kobi set us up with a great lunch at a Yemenite food stand. After a lunch and learn session we toured two synagogues.

The next stop was visiting Avraham Leventhal an artist originally from Southfield MI. He focuses on graphic design and mysticism. He told us about his journey and inspiration of his art. This was a definite highlight of the trip.

While we were visiting with the artist, Kobi was picking up snacks to give to the soldiers we were going to visit. We drove to the border of Israel and Lebanon. We met up with the head of security for a kibbutz. We transferred from our car to his jeep.

He took us to meet up with the soldiers patrolling the border. We got to stand with them overlooking to line from one country to another. It was pretty amazing to see it first hand. As they liked to say, on the Israel side you see green and on the Lebanese you see fields of Opium and desert.

We finished off the evening driving to Akko, and having a fantastic dinner at Uri Buri fish restaurant.

Israel Day 5

Lauren and Sam arrived in Israel late last night.  We packed up the car and headed South West to visit the Judean Desert.  We got to visit Masada and the Dead Sea.  The drive through the desert was amazing.  As we passed the sign that marked the sea level, there was not much around us but mounds of dirt.  From the car we were able to see the Dead Sea to the left.  Kobi told us about the massive evaporation and as a result the huge sink holes that were plaguing the area.  
 We arrived at Masada.  We watched a quick movie to help us understand the stories of Masada.  It was hot and sunny as we entered the tram to take the express way up to the top of the mountain.  

 We ventured around the top of Masada all morning.  It was incredible to see the vastness of the structures that were built on the top of a mountain so many years ago.  We explored the palaces, storage areas, water cisterns, bath houses and more.  The Roman tile work was of particular note.
 To cool off a bit we then headed back North to the Dead Sea.  We all had a great time floating around in the water.  On the way back to the hotel Kobi took us to a great overlook of the city.  It was a great day!