Jeff & Sarah’s Wedding

We had a great time in Colorado for Jeff and Sarah’s wedding.

I challenged myself to shoot only film that day. All the photos were shot on a Hasselblad 503CX with 80mm lens. I shot 4 Rolls 3x Tri-x 400 and 1x Ilford DELTA 3200 pushed 2 stops. The 3200 was a big experiment that didn’t go too well. The shots were too dark and super grainy. But, I was happy with the Tri-X shots and the success rate from each roll.

A huge congrats to Jeff and Sarah!

Dominic & Michelle’s Wedding

Dominic and Michelle’s wedding was so beautiful. It was on the banks of a small lake in Cadillac, Michigan. Michelle & Dominic made my job very easy. They are so great together and easy-going. I’m very excited for you both!

This post is a bit longer so here are a few songs to listen to while you browse their incredible day…

Laura & David’s Wedding

We had the best time celebrating Laura (Lulu) and David’s (Otto) wedding. Mel and I headed down to Cape Hatteras and spent the week with Lulu & Otto’s family in a gorgeous house on the beach.

The ocean front wedding was fantastic. From the cute flower girl and ring bearer to the sunset poolside reception, the wedding had it all. We are so excited for the two of you! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day.

This post is a bit longer so here are a few songs to listen to while you browse their incredible day…

Danielle and Gilad’s Wedding

Danielle and Gilad were married on a beautiful night in Tel Aviv. The event was held in a really cool facility filled with their friends and family. The food was great and the dancing went all night. We are so excited for them to officially start their lives together! Congrats.

Casey & Mariah’s Wedding

Casey and Mariah threw one terrific wedding. It was so great to watch as they were married this weekend. They held their wedding at a beautifully redone warehouse. The light was superb all night. The ceremony was beautiful and the dinner/party to follow was just as special. Thanks for having us! Congrats you two…

Layne & Zach’s Wedding

Mel and I had a blast at Layne and Zach’s wedding. It was a beautiful weekend up north celebrating such a great couple. The reception site was gorgeous and surrounded by a cherry orchard. It was clear Layne and Zach had the best day ever. Congrats you two!

Alisha and Brian’s Wedding

We had a blast at Alisha and Brian’s Wedding. It was a beautiful wedding in Ann Arbor Michigan. They lucked out with a terrific gorgeous sunny day. What a great couple!

Andy & Rachael’s Wedding

We had an absolute blast at Andy and Rachael’s Wedding! It was great to see everyone and celebrate in their special day. Here are a couple of the behind the scenes photos from their day.