Late Summer Michigan Surf

We scored this weekend. I was lucky to get the time to hit the lake this weekend. I had one of my best surfing session on the lakes as well as a few other sessions to keep a smile on my face for a while.

The highlight was a surf up in Frankfort, MI. We arrived when the lake was glass there were no waves to speak of. We were pretty bummed, but the wind kicked up. We wound up kited for a few minutes until we looked south and saw what we thought was a small rain storm approaching. At that time the waves slowly started to build and you could tell that they were starting to push in. We landed our kites to prepare for the rain and the rain just didn’t stop coming, but neither did the waves.

We hustled to the grab a board and rode a few waves near shore. We kept having to paddle back out further and further until the waves were breaking at the elbow of the pier and were chest to head high. Even though it was pouring rain the waves were clean, long and amazing. There were only a handful of us out maybe 5-8 surfers/paddleboarders. It was a great session!

I was having way too much fun while riding to go out shooting. I did take out the go pro for one wave at the tail end of the session after the waves started to die down significantly.