Snow Day on Cape Hatteras

After watching the world around me turn white, I woke up ready to play in the snow. I was very excited about three things:

1. The snow was still on the ground.
2. It was a perfectly blue sky
3. There was a decent breeze which only meant one thing, Snowkiting!!!

Tommie and I packed up my truck and headed down the icy Hwy 12 towards Buxton to meet up with Jason Slezak and the rest of the crew. We first went to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse to see it covered in snow. Then we headed over to the jetties to watch a couple sets come through, but there wasn’t anything too exciting. We made our way out near the Cape Point to find Tree and a friend already out snowkiting.

We rigged up and started to ride. Jason Slezak and Sammy came shortly after. We spent the morning snowkiting and taking pictures. Everyone was having a blast. I got to ride my new 2011 12m Liquid Force Havoc. Honestly, I didn’t think the kiting on snow on sand was going to work too well, but it did, and it was one of the most fun snowkiting sessions I have had. Around noon everyone got hungry so we headed in for some grub.

After heading back north, I got a call that the wind switched off shore and the surf was fun. Slezy and I hung up our snowgear and put on our wetsuits for a paddle out in the cold Atlantic Ocean. We each caught a few fun waves and then called it a day. I mean when is the next time we’ll be able to snowkite and surf in the same day especially in Cape Hatteras!!! So Fun!