Holga – Roll #1

I was given a Holga as a gift last year. It took me a while to finish this roll. There are a couple nice shots out of the twelve I shot. I used an Ilford 400 B&W for this roll. I had a bunch of light leaks and double exposures. I learned to keep the lens cap on and come up with a better system to remember if I cranked to the next exposure or not after taking a photograph.

Holga – Roll #2

This roll was shot on a holga on Ilford HP5 Black and White Negative 400 iso Film (120 Roll Film). This was my second roll on this camera. I shot the rolls back to back so I didn’t get to learn from the mistakes of my first roll. Overall, the results have a great feel, though the focus was not too great on many of the shots. The double exposure shot came out pretty interesting though I didn’t mean to make one.