Mid-Summer Lexington Kiteboard Session

It was an early drive to the East coast of Michigan. The wind was blowing all night and we were hoping for a solid wave day. We arrived to find some solid waist high waves, but not really what we were expecting. We rigged up and and sessions at Lexington for a few hours and then met up with some of the crew for a downwinder. There were some great sections of waves during the 10+ mile session. We ended the day with a quick wake and SUP session.

Spring Kite at Sterling State Park

I had a great solo session at Sterling State Park. It was really windy today blowing 30-35 knots as I rode my 7m kite. The waves were only waist-high a bit smaller than I expected, after a 12+ hour blow. With the temp. around 50 degrees and water not to chilly, it made for a fun early spring session. I rode for a couple of hours trying to get my board skills back after a long snowy winter. I took a couple really good tumbles too.

Thanks to Liquid Force, Patagonia, Dakine & Camrig

Fall Kiteboarding in Erieau Canada

A couple of buddies converged on Erieau, a little town in Canada, for a large storm front pushing through the Great Lakes region. The wind was pumping 20-40 knots SW all night, which lead us to this small town in Canada expecting 10-16′ waves. When we arrived the winds were 40-45 knots and the waves were large and pretty out of control.

We waited for the rest of the guys to arrive before rigging. I rode my 7m Liquid Force Envy on 10m lines, which proved to still be way too much kite for the conditions. In the 40 degree weather, it was more of a survival session as it was chilly and I was so over powered the entire session. I did get to ride a few bombs on the outside going warp speed down the face of the waves.

Mark and Tim had a fun ending to their session having to cross the boat channel with a ripping current. It was a fun adventure but ready for a slightly more subdued conditions.

Thanks to Liquid Force, Patagonia, Dakine, Camrig

Kiteboarding South Haven MI

We took a trip to South Haven MI on Sunday to go kiteboarding. It turned out to be a beautiful summer day in Michigan with 20 knot NW winds and waist to chest high waves. We wound up riding all day. There was a solid turn out of kiters as well as beach goers. After the wind died in the evening I paddled out for a couple waves. Nothing great came through, but had one decent cruiser. Edger took a few pics for me, thanks buddy.

Sterling State Park Kiteboarding

I met up with some of the guys at Sterling State Park on Lake Erie for a kite session. The 14m Liquid Force NRG came in handy after I missed the really windy part of the day. There were some really fun kickers to hit, and we wound up riding for a few hours and called it quits. Thomas Nocella grabbed a few photos from the session. Thanks!

Late Spring in Traverse City

It was a terrific weekend in Traverse City Michigan. Mel ran in the Bay Shore Marathon. It was a beautiful early morning on the bay, to head down to go cheer her on. Later in the weekend, we had time to meet up with friends, play volleyball, golf and even got some kiteboarding in. It was also hard to not notice the low level of the traverse bay.

Though there was a south wind most of the weekend (that i’m sure was pushing out some of the water), there were many docks that were completly out of the water. This was a bit startling to see such seemingly drastic changes in water level on the Grand Traverse West Bay.

Spring Kiteboarding in Muskegon

Edgar, Amer, Eric and I missioned across the state to try and catch a kiteboarding session in Muskegon Michigan. With gale-force winds in the forecast, we were all more than excited to hit the water. We packed up and headed out early and arrived to a few kites up on the clear blue water and a heavy fog in the distance. The wind was cranking for a 2 hour session, but unfortunately the waves never built. Just as we got warmed up the wind died out.

It was a great time to give my buddy Casey a go with a full inflatable on the beach as we waited for the wind to pick back up. It was not until a few hours before sunset when the wind slowly built back up. Casey came out to shoot a few photos and a little video. The best was the last session of the day were a couple of us rode inside the jetty in very flat water that was perfect for some wake tricks. Thanks for the clips and photos Casey and it was great to see the crew out there ripping!