Early Fall Kiteboarding in Muskegon

Tom and I headed to Muskegon. It was a great warm fall day. the wind was cranking and there were some fun waves. The old time crew was all there. The session started out powered on wakeboards then to surfboards then to foils and finally wound up paddling into some really fun clean waves on the surfboards. We were toast by the end of the day.

Late Fall Surf in Muskegon

The wind shifted on me a bit early and went straight west. It was really windy, 35-45 knots. With the wind on shore I decided to grab a little session inside the pier heads. I had a few fun waves.

Fall Adventure to Muskegon

We headed to Muskegon, for what was supposed to be a strong S -> SW wind. Things didn’t quite pan out as expected. After much discussion, we decided to set up camp at North Muskegon park. It was a beautiful November day with warm temps and sunny skies. The wind picked up for a few hours and we were out riding without gloves, hoods nor booties. Though we didn’t get the best conditions I’ll take it any day especially one in November!

Late Summer Muskegon Kite Adventure

I ventured to Muskegon for the first big SW push in weeks. It was a beautiful day. I arrived at 9 to a stormy seascape. I rigged on the Northside of the inlet. I tacked upwind to the inside of the pier heads to find the Mackite crew having an awesome flat water session. I rode with them for a while before they headed off to work.

As I downwinded back to the North the sun started glaring through the dark clouds making an amazing view. It later cleared completely, and the rest of the day on the Northside hitting waves. At least 25 surfers showed up and a bunch of kiters. Everyone got great rides. The water was warm and we only wore boardshorts! It was a great day.

Exploring the Frozen Lake Michigan Coast

Casey and I headed to Muskegon to meet up with Marc to explore the frozen Lake Michigan with kites. Before we hit the coast, Casey and I headed to Muskegon lake to get him up and riding for the first time. He did amazing! He went upwind and even got a transition in.

After we sessoning for a few hours we hit the coast for a sunset session. The ice buildup on the lake was absolutely amazing! It was as if there was a big swell that instantly froze in place. There were large mounds of ice then a football field of flat then another mound and so on until the open water.

We cruised up and down the coast for a couple miles exploring the terrain. It was an absolute blast. Thanks to Casey for taking photos while I was kiting!

Thanks to Liquid Force, Patagonia, Dakine & Camrig

Spring Kiteboarding in Muskegon

Edgar, Amer, Eric and I missioned across the state to try and catch a kiteboarding session in Muskegon Michigan. With gale-force winds in the forecast, we were all more than excited to hit the water. We packed up and headed out early and arrived to a few kites up on the clear blue water and a heavy fog in the distance. The wind was cranking for a 2 hour session, but unfortunately the waves never built. Just as we got warmed up the wind died out.

It was a great time to give my buddy Casey a go with a full inflatable on the beach as we waited for the wind to pick back up. It was not until a few hours before sunset when the wind slowly built back up. Casey came out to shoot a few photos and a little video. The best was the last session of the day were a couple of us rode inside the jetty in very flat water that was perfect for some wake tricks. Thanks for the clips and photos Casey and it was great to see the crew out there ripping!

First Surf on Lake Michigan

We had a terrific weekend riding Lake Michigan. We rode at Muskegon Pier all day. I met up with Marc and Brad. I paddled out for the first time in the Lake, and I caught my first wave. It was a right and made 6-8 turns which pretty much made my day! Then we pumped up and went kiting for the next few hours. The waves were chest to head high and the wind was around 30 knots. We had a great session as the sun started to fall in the sky the wind picked up to 35-40 knots, which became too much for me so I surf for a while longer before calling it quits.

I crashed with Brad and his family and headed back to the coast in the morning. The wind shifted West overnight, which made the wind and waves very sloppy. Marc knew of this “secret” spot that was small but fun on the logs. We long longboarded for 3-4 hours. It was another great weekend on the water.